Custom Builder

Custom Building, take the owners of FW Construction, Inc., back to the beginning. We started out with home renovations, additions, and commercial buildings.  Austin has some beautiful older structures in cherished locations. Sometimes these buildings are still structurally sound, well designed and just need updating.  Our goal is to help the property owner make better use of an existing structure rather than relocate.

As our team grew with our reputation for quality, we started building custom homes and developing smaller properties. The need for quality, energy efficient construction has continued to grow in demand over the years. Custom homes and Investment development has become a large part of our culture for our clients. Austin is still behind on the supply of new properties that provide the needs of our current lifestyles.


We have experience with many types of construction systems, methods, and designers alike. Fortunately, we live and work in a city that does not demand boring construction and loves to Keep it Weird.


Build It! Live It!