We had the opportunity to finish-out, an old building shell. The space was dated and needed some work. FW Construction, is able to work with any building to help bring your design to life.

Some structures have some good bones to work with, others need it all.
Giving your commercial building or business a custom design provide your business the new building or business look. Many times a business does not have the time for a new building to be built to start business. We are happy to help you meet your schedule on time and on budget. We can match your existing building styling or provide a facelift for your building. We will use quality materials and expert craftsmanship, with years of experience to help you achieve your goal.

Some of our previous building finish-outs have used Custom finishes, More glass for light, Interior wood design, Metal work, Cloth fabric, Integrated Trees, Custom Build Planters, and Custom acoustical treatment.

Some of the types of Store Entrances we can build for you include:

  • Recording studios
  • Office Space
  • Law office
  • Commercial IT
  • Retail Store Fronts
  • Open Floor Plan
  • relaxed layout
  • Retail
  • Vedeo production rooms
  • Curtain Walls and Multi-Story Installations

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