Production Studios

Sound and Video Production Studios are a blast to build! The best part of building a studio, is working with the talented individuals that use them. The creativity of individuals in and around Austin in the sound production, music, and movie industry is phenomenal.Our beginning in studio construction, started with building studios for family and friends. As our experience and reputation in the industry grew, so did the volume, size, and quality of the studios. We have built studios in all sizes and levels of complexity from a small room renovation, to large commercial production developments.

FW Construction, Inc. Has had the fortunate opportunity to work with, in, and build many acoustic and video studios, over the years. Our experience has continued to grow and develop with the technology of the recording industry. What a fun industry to be part of. The clients are a blast, the projects are always unique, and the passion is strong.


Our team has learned a lot about the industry over the years. We are happy to share or help you with any project you may be interested in. We do have a passion in this work and love to talk about it with you.

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Acoustic Studio


Mixing Room

We also have experience with:

Sound Rooms
Control Rooms
Live Room
Sound Booth
Mixing Room
Projection Room
Cyclorama wall or Infinity wall
Sound Proofing
Mechanical Rooms
Equipment Rooms
Office Soundproofing
Noise Control
Sound Studio
Recording Room


Recording Studio


Video Editing Studio